Requirement Flexibility

What does your organization require from their learning management system?

Does it require a complex system with many unique and personalized features or a straightforward solution that can expand over time?
Does it require a system which can involve parents?
Does it require mobility?
Does it require a social learning integration?

Tell us exactly what your organization needs; NeboLearning has the flexibility to be your solution!

Customizable elearning solution

NeboLearning K-12 Solutions are perfect for: Administrators, Principals Teachers, Tutors as well as Parents and Students

Join the educational revolution taking place around the world.
Encourage various forms of social and informal learning.
Analyze participants, courses, results and trends.
Increase the types of classes you can offer students.
Enable teachers and students to spend more time interacting.
Provide new tools and techniques for teachers.
Provide easy methods for parents to be involved in the process.
Allow students to access information they need, when they need it.
Provide students unlimited time to review their lessons and content.
Create learning groups beyond traditional age based parameters.

Accomplish all you need with NeboLearning!

Designed for all users

Design your learning environment

Design the learning environment you need now, NeboLearning is expandable for future growth.

Foster a social and informal learning culture knowing that students learn outside of the formal learning environment.

Encourage interactive discussions and workshops to distribute this social and informal learning throughout your organization.

Provide 100% mobile access and usage.

Incorporate an assessment policy for use throughout your organization or incorporate various policies (ex. by class level).

Offer internally or externally created courses.

Establish a notification system with flexibility for distributing information to all users as well as specifically established groups.

Create one learning platform for all users or designate separated learning platforms.

Enable parental involvement in your learning environment.

Enable administrators and principals to manage easily

  • Expand the learning environment beyond the restraints of current staff, curriculum or infrastructure.
  • Control the system from the intuitive dashboard.
  • Analyze all data within the system.
  • Predict outcomes and improve results.
  • Visualize the statistical performance of teachers and students as well as eLearning courses, individually .
  • Build accountability into your learning environment.
  • Establish goals, milestones and deadlines. Focus on the results.
  • Easily manage the structure of courses and schedules.
  • Create assessment policies and procedures for interim testing when needed as well as testing at course completion.
  • Designate required courses automatically to students.
  • Document all necessary grading requirements and results.
  • Manage student purchases and independent teacher payouts.
  • Customize the profile page and information. Post current news.
  • Share insights with newsletters for both teachers and students.
  • Design orientation programs to inform incoming students.
  • Tell us how else you want to enable them!

Provide teachers with the latest advantages

  • Create and deliver courses; from anywhere, at any time.
  • Broadcast and record live lectures with mobile devices.
  • Create a more interactive teaching and learning experience.
  • Increase retention through interactive presentation methods.
  • Synchronize a slideshow or a whiteboard presentation with live lecture broadcasts.
  • Highlight important concepts, draw graphs, write equations using a virtual drawing board over lecture slides.
  • Private messaging with students during live lectures.
  • Increase interaction through answering the questions with the most votes at end of live lectures.
  • Expand teaching methods to include online resources.
  • Spend class time interacting and discussing questions by having students view lectures as homework assignments.
  • Utilize same or various testing options for courses.
  • Access to the statistics related to their courses and students.
  • Analyze all relevant statistics.
  • Predict outcomes and improve results.
  • Easily manage all course content with Help Wizard.
  • Automatic library creation for all courses and content.
  • Notification of activity in their account and courses.
  • View their calendar and manage all profile information.
  • Monitor and manage any payment options in their account.
  • Tell us what else you want to provide them!

Engage students in their education with technology

  • Freedom to choose where and when they want to learn.
  • Attend live lectures and view recorded ones with mobile devices.
  • Actively participate through social learning features.
  • Twitter and Facebook are integrated into the site.
  • Share ideas and information from outside the lecture to increase comprehension.
  • Broaden knowledge with information from experts, colleagues and other sources.
  • Create group discussions, blogs and other learning opportunities.
  • Chat with colleagues and send private messages to teachers during live lectures.
  • Interact during live lectures by asking the teacher a question and also by voting for the questions you want to be analyzed at the end of the class.
  • Utilize the unique feature of DVR scrolling during live webinars for immediate review of earlier information.
  • Preview materials ahead of lessons or anytime for better understanding and retention.
  • Review any lesson and all course content anytime you want.
  • Receive instant notification of changes in course schedules or content.
  • View calendar and manage your account and profile.
  • Receive newsletters from the site adminstrators.
  • Tell us how else you want to engage them!

Involve parents directly in their children’s education

  • Manage and access student accounts and profiles.
  • View student's calendar anytime.
  • Receive notification of changes in course schedules or content.
  • Preview materials ahead of lessons together.
  • Review any lesson and all course content together.
  • Access group discussions, blogs and other social environements.
  • Receive newsletters from the site adminstrators.
  • Tell us how else you want to involve them!
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