Versatile elearning solution

What does your organization need from their learning management system?
Does it require a complex system with many unique and personalized features or a straightforward learning solution that will expand when necessary?
What about a cost saving system to teach remote sales or engineering teams?
Maybe it needs separate portals for various users: employees, clients, vendors?

Tell us exactly what is needed; NeboLearning has the versatility to be your solution!


NeboLearning Corporate Solutions are perfect for: System Executives, Administrators, Trainers, Employees, Clients, Partners, Franchisees, Dealers.
Grow revenues, shrink costs and gain new efficiencies through a more knowledgeable workforce.
Increase client loyalty and retention by teaching them the benefits of using your products.
Decrease errors and mistakes with partners and vendors through the latest trainings. Spread knowledge throughout your franchisees and dealer networks quickly and efficiently.
Analyze your results and predict future needs.

Accomplish all your goals with NeboLearning!

Internally focused

System Executives, Administrators, Trainers, Employees

Help people learn to do their jobs more effectively while saving time and money!

  • Design the learning environment you need now, NeboLearning is expandable for future growth.
  • Foster a social and informal learning culture knowing that employees learn outside of the formal learning environment.
  • Encourage interactive discussions and workshops to distribute this social and informal learning throughout your organization.
  • NeboLearning is designed to be mobile. Trainers have freedom to create and deliver courses, from anywhere, at any time. Learners are free to choose where and when they want to learn.
  • Use NeboLearning as an analytical and predictive tool to improve results and continuous improvement.
  • Structure course offerings using required categories. Assign courses individually as well as create courses open to all employees.
  • Build mobility and accountability into your learning environment. Establish goals, milestones and deadlines. Focus on the results.
  • Teach more people simultaneously than can fit into a classroom.
  • NeboLearning is flexible. One learning platform for all users or separated into various learning platforms based upon client needs.
  • NeboLearning provides documentation and notifications for compliance and certification needs.
  • Save time and cost of transporting employees to dedicated training facilities. NeboLearning increases the amount of time employees spend working by reducing travel to participate in workshops and trainings.
  • Use NeboLearning for on boarding programs. Inform new hires about organizational and departmental strategies, goals and procedures.
  • The notification system in NeboLearning provides instant information regarding a course to be distributed to all users.
NeboWebinar is as good as being in the same room.

Supercharge your webconferencing abilities to include INTERACTIVITY! Live chat, private messaging and document transfer allow attendees to be active participants. A virtual drawing board over the slides allows you to truly emphasize important concepts. As you flip through your slides, they automatically update for everyone.

Invite a client to an interactive product presentation, efficient!
Contact with your remote sales team with detailed new information, quick!
Challenge your engineering staff to create a solution, fast!

Externally Focused

Clients and Partners

Keep them close and informed about your firm and your products by extending NeboLearning across your entire enterprise.

NeboLearning is designed for use throughout your extended enterprise. We will create unique learning platforms or portals for various segments of your business.

Instructional videos and workshops, Webinars, Discussion groups, all designed to help these people to be continuously informed about your company and its services and products.

Clients - Designate unique portals for key clients, create several portals by client segments or have one portal for all. Whatever you need.

Get clients excited about new products or promotions. Teach them with product tutorial videos. Create demonstrational videos and broadcast live presentations to showcase your firm and your products.

You can sponsor free training for them or make it a profit center.

Partners – Franchisees, dealers, agents, independent reps; continuously update them with your promotional materials and operational information direct from their own portal.

Prepare them for new product launches or promotions ahead of time, teach them new techniques for selling your products, demonstrate proper methods for product use, create demonstrational videos and of course, broadcast live demonstrations.

You can sponsor free training for them or make it a profit center.