NeboLearning: Infinitely Customizable

Your ideal learning solutions

At NeboLearning we know that one solution definitely cannot satisfy all clients. Every client has specific needs and preferences for their learning solution.

We look forward to understanding your vision of the ideal version of any product in the NeboLearning suite. You know your current learning situation and requirements as well as which features are needed to manage it best. Together we will create a solution which works great immediately and is designed to continue providing benefits well into the future!

Share your vision with us.

E-Learning Custom Solutions

Your wish list

NeboLearning LMS and other products are great learning platforms to build upon. You require more features added to create your ideal LMS, no problem! We can implement whatever a client needs on top of the existing NeboLearning products. The entire design can be changed, new features added or others removed. Your applications can be fully customized.

Do you want a unique business model for your system?
You can have your categories of learners who must pay for classes or other categories of those who do not have to pay.
All of the classes can be offered without fees or any hybrid version of payment that you require.

Your payment gateway can be designed for users to pay for anything; your courses, required books and materials. Your system will work for any payment category and can be expanded to include disbursements as well.

With NeboLearning there are no limits to how your system can be monetized!

E-Learning Custom Solutions
NeboLearning is Modular!

Depending on what you need, we create solutions out of one or more of the NeboLearning products. These independent products will be created specifically for use by your organization. Our modular products are so flexible that they can even be integrated into your current learning system as a supplement!

Which custom adjustments will make NeboLearning your ideal LMS?

Some examples of minor adjustments; do you need some of these customizations?

  • Create specialized reports or assessments
  • Add notes for learners so they can store their information.
  • Sync your current email to work with your NeboLearning solution.
  • Design calendar and notification settings: auto enrollment, wait list.
  • Plug in a favorite Course Authoring Tool or other vendor modules
  • Make the system Tin Can API compliant

Depending on your wishes and your budget we look forward to discussing the design and development of a new LMS or any learning product; built specifically for you from the ground up!

Creation of Your Customized Solutions

Actively listening and continuous communication with clients is how we create their version of the NeboLearning LMS, on time and on budget. We follow our four step customization process to ensure desired results.

NeboLearning products are designed using layered architecture which is easy to extend and customize with no risks involved. Your solution will be reliable no matter what is changed in the design, interface or business model.

Analyzing, Understanding and Documentation

Active listening and constructive conversations lead to an understanding of what the client needs and how it must be implemented. Project documentation establishes all the details that need to be addressed as well as goals, milestones and budgets for both time and money. This document is reviewed and finalized with the client to confirm understanding.

Creating your customized product

Based on the project documentation our team designs and codes the client customized product. Continuous communication and a high level of comprehension between the client and our team during this step ensures that the work proceeds correctly and milestones are achieved.

Testing, Bug fixing and Finalizing

To finalize the process the solution needs to be tested. The testing phase usually takes around 15% of the total development time. During this step bugs and other issues are resolved in order for the customized product to be finalized.

Delivery, Deployment and Use

This is the final goal of the process; delivering a market ready solution to the client! In order to achieve a seamless transition we support the client through implementation and use of their customized product.