Together, solutions are possible!

Free initial consultancy for future clients and partners.

When making important business decisions it is helpful to have as much relevant information as possible. We can provide that information or help you to find it quickly.

With established clients we are always available to lend an ear and a helping hand. For projects which will require more than just a sounding board we will work together to establish project documentation including all details.

Our IT expertise encompasses the technology requirements of enterprise businesses: analysis and planning, consulting, software architecture, implementation, UI design, quality assurance, maintenance, security reviews, risk management and auditing; all based on the latest technologies and innovative methods.

Expertise in the following specializations enables us in delivering quality consultancy to our clients.


Looking to implement an LMS for the first time or to change from your current LMS?
Want to add one or several NeboLearning modules to your current LMS?
Do you require a completely customized learning system?
Whatever eLearning solution you require, we can deliver it to you!!

Cloud and SaaS

The future is here and it is in the Cloud!
Have you implemented Cloud and SaaS into your business strategy? Do you understand your options as well as the benefits and risks?
We will help you to filter out the hype and implement an efficient strategy for your business.

IT Security

Have you implemented an excellent strategy for your security? Are you protected against the latest invasive measures trying to access your systems? Is your data encrypted, safe and 100% secure?
If you answered no to any of these questions, we can help you immediately!

IT Services and Products

These are two very different creatures and we know them both very well. Are you interested in increasing your profits? Would you like to expand your product portfolio to include something new?

We will help you with the creation of agile business models to test your theories and develop minimum viable products. Thus enabling your business expansion and increasing satisfaction for your clients!

E-Learning Consultancy
Customization process

Communication, Analysis and Understanding

Active listening and constructive conversations lead to an understanding of what the client needs and how it must be implemented. Project documentation establishes all the details that need to be addressed as well as goals, milestones and budgets for both time and money. This document is reviewed and finalized with the client to confirm understanding.


Based on the project documentation our team designs and codes the client customization. Continuous communication and a high level of comprehension between the client and our team during this step ensures that the work proceeds correctly and milestones are achieved.


To finalize the process the solution needs to be tested. The testing phase usually takes around 15% of the total development time. During this step bugs and other issues are resolved in order for the solution to be finalized.

Delivery and implementation

This is the final goal of the process; delivering a market ready solution to the client!
In order to achieve a seamless transition we support the client through implementation and use of the solution in their business.

Design, Streaming Media, Hosting

Do you want us to create a new site for you? Our developers and designers are up to date on all of the latest features to make your site great. We will design your site to include live streaming features.
Do you need to upgrade your existing site, maybe by adding eCommerce capability or updating your SEO strategy?
We are your experts in everything Web!

Technical software issues

We have experience in almost all aspects of programming; visit the technologies pages of this site to read in detail about our technical proficiencies. Tell us your problem and we will create a solution. We love extremely technical requirements and complex projects.

Possibly your firm needs to reprogram an older application in a language you have no experience. Maybe a client project requires extra programming muscle or certain experience. We can assist you with all of your technical software issues!