Participate as if you are at the lecture even when you are a thousand miles away.

E-Learning Webinar

Seamless Interaction
with NeboWebinar, your learning management solution.

We take Webinars very seriously

The unique and cutting edge features of NeboWebinar include; DVR scrolling during live webinars, Virtual drawing board over the slides to draw on and highlight important concepts, Live chat among learners, Private messaging with teacher, Question most voted for answered at end of lecture; as well as Synchronized slideshows and White-board features along with the standard audio-video stream.

Audience Involvement

The learners vote for the question that they want to be analyzed by the instructor at the end of the class. Everyone can ask a question and everyone can vote. The more votes a question receives, the higher it gets listed. At the end of the class the list is reviewed by the instructor. They can analyze the question or questions which received the most votes. Truly heightens the audience interaction and involvement!

DVR Scrolling

This unique feature works like a DVR allowing you to scroll within the live video while it still records automatically. Reviewing while the information is fresh will deepen your understanding of the material. You can use this feature to highlight a question in chat to a colleague or in messaging with the presenter.

E-Learning Webinar
Broaden user experience

They hear the words and see the slides. Now take your learners deeper into the subject.
Enlighten them with an interactive presentation and demystifying drawings to ensure comprehension.

NeboWebinars; presentations and lectures with muscle!

NeboWebinar provides clients with the ability to synchronize a slideshow or a whiteboard presentation with their live presentations and lecture broadcasts. A virtual drawing board over the slides enables users to draw graphs, write equations and highlight important concepts which are automatically shown to all participants.

These features create a more interactive learning experience. They allow instructors to present their material in different formats thus enhancing retention. This provides the learners with a broader presentation of the subject matter which should lead to a deeper understanding.
Slideshow, whiteboard and virtual drawing board drawings are recorded and are synched on playback (not just live). This means that the entire presentation is saved so that it can be replayed and reviewed anytime, anywhere.

E-Learning Webinar
Good for doing business

NeboWebinar’s usefulness extends beyond learning. Invite a client to product presentation; much more effective than a simple conference call or a basic power point.
Save yourself time and money; learning if they are interested to buy, now!
Make a live presentation to your remote sales teams regarding a new product release or an improved feature; get that information out to clients, quickly!

Private Messaging

For questions only the teacher can answer students can send private messages directly to them. Teachers can reply immediately, send an email later or choose to share the answer in the lecture.

Live Chat

The students use the live chat to ask and answer questions among themselves. They can share ideas and information from outside the lecture which increase comprehension. This feature increases their social interaction and broadens their learning base.

E-Learning Webinar