E-Learning Social

Interacting is easy
with NeboSocial, your learning management solution.

NeboSocial compliments formal education and training methods with social and informal learning. This expands the learning experience by providing new sources of knowledge.

Live Chat

The students use the live chat to ask and answer questions among themselves. They can share ideas and information from outside the lecture which increase comprehension. This feature increases their social interaction and broadens their learning base.

Facebook Ready

Facebook and Twitter friendly, NeboLearning is designed at its core for social and collaborative learning.
Create public profiles and avatars
Post course ratings and reviews
Discussion groups, Public forums, Blogs

E-Learning Social
E-Learning Social
Collaborating is the key to success!

NeboSocial fosters collaboration which helps everyone involved to learn more than they would on their own. It has been shown that people learn better in groups. Knowledge can come from many sources: instructors, outside experts, colleagues, websites, blogs. Learn together and learn more!

Closing Question Poll

The learners vote for the question that they want to be analyzed by the instructor at the end of the class. Everyone can ask a question and everyone can vote. The more votes a question receives, the higher it gets listed. At the end of the class the list is reviewed by the instructor. They can analyze the question or questions which received the most votes. Truly heightens the audience interaction and involvement!

Private Messaging

For questions only the instructor can answer students can send private messages directly to them during the lecture. Instructors have the options to; reply immediately to the sender, reply to them with an email later or choose to share the question and its answer with everyone during the lecture.

User Profile

E-Learning Social

NeboSocial provides for user profiles for instructors and learners. They can share details about their professional expertise and experience, pictures or any other information they want other users to know about themselves.