Information is Power!

NeboResults provides tools for system executives, administrators and course instructors to analyze and understand the activities, behaviors and results of the users of their systems.

Clients gain insight into their statistical information which enables them to improve their learning system and processes.

If you require your version of NeboResults to include something unique or special, no problem! Tell us what you need from your analytical system and we will design it.

E-learning Results

Analyze your Data
with NeboResults, your elearning solution.

Enabling clients to discover patterns, variables and relationships; providing deeper understanding which leads to better results!


NeboResults enables clients to apply analytics to their data. They use descriptive and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge, discover meaningful patterns and then present them to colleagues and decision makers.
Users gain insight which supports decision making and change recommendations for improving their learning environments and their results.

E-learning Results
Document User Behaviors

NeboResults documents a myriad of learner behaviors giving clients options in choosing which they need to gather and interpret. This information provides valuable insight into behaviors which generate positive results and those which need immediate adjustment.

This insight can be used to improve the entire learning environment, certain aspects of it or just one specific course.
NeboResults provides everything you need to know!

Trends and Evolution

Use NeboResults to identify trends and track evolution in both your learning environment and your learners.
Identify positive trends and use that information to broaden those trends. Spot negative trends early and immediately stop them with necessary changes.

Track how learners evolve over time, individually and in groups. Track how success in one course or in certain courses translates into future success in others.

Custom Defined Statistics

E-learning Results

NeboResults gives users control to define exactly what information they want to interpret at any given time. Defining the volume of data to be analyzed gives users the ability to look at the smallest details of their data or a wide range of information.

Use NeboResults to receive precisely the information you need.

Visualization and Reports

NeboResults enables users to view their data visually using graphs and charts. One useful feature is the zoom scope of graphs; from an individual learner, to small groups, all the way up to large groups.

These graphs and charts can be used in reports to highlight results or emphasize trends in your learning programs. NeboResults enables you to share information across your department or entire organization.

E-learning Results

NeboResults assists clients to analyze and interpret relevant, real-time data. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided. Real-time data from NeboResults allows immediate feedback about a new course or a new group of learners or anything you require!