E-learning Presentation

Broadcast live
with NeboPresentation, your learning management solution.

NeboPresentation gives you freedom. Now instructors can choose to broadcast their presentations from anywhere.

Broadcast live with your mobile devices!

NeboPresentation provides instructors the extremely rare ability to broadcast live directly from their mobile devices!
This gives them complete flexibility while reducing their budgets. They no longer need expensive equipment and can broadcast live lectures without technicians.

They can create course content and deliver live presentations from anywhere in the world!

No Limits!

Course instructors work from anywhere. NeboPresentation provides them the freedom to decide. Live or recorded lectures and webinars. Work from their desk, laboratory or on location. Create new content, add updated information, or utilize private messaging. With NeboPresentation they are unlimited!

Lectures and Webinars

Live lectures with audio and video including the unique capability of DVR scrolling!
Webinars include synchronized slideshow and whiteboard capabilities with a virtual drawing board over the slides to write on and highlight important concepts. These drawings and all slides are automatically shown and recorded.

E-learning Presentation
Through the Cloud

Instructors use the cloud to broadcast or record lectures and content; anytime and anywhere!

The instructor broadcasts or records their content from the locations they choose using their mobile device. The information is sent to the server which then sends it to all participants; live or at a scheduled time.

Teach from anywhere

Using their mobile devices instructors can broadcast or record lectures from anywhere they choose; their lab, a field location, a stadium or gym (for sports), even from a foreign country!

Course instructors have all of the same features on their mobile devices as at their desktop; nothing is missing. NeboPresentation ensures that being mobile is as easy and efficient as being at a desktop.

From anywhere to everyone!

Fully Customizable

We can build any kind of application you want or need.
Client apps can have their company logo, without NeboLearning badges or references anywhere.

E-learning Presentation

NeboPresentation is a native app for Android and iOS which is used to broadcast live courses and webinars. NeboPresentation works perfectly with all Apple and Android mobile devices, including ultimate generations.
Our developers use the latest iOS and Android technologies.
NeboPresentation enables users to choose their mobile devices and to teach their students from anywhere at any time.