NeboLearning LMS

NeboLearning LMS is the foundation for your online learning strategy. We have a wide range of products designed to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning.

Our team is dedicated to eliminating standard learning limitations. We will work with you to create a learning solution without limitations.
Your LMS can be standard or it can be customized to include any combination of NeboLearning products as well as any special adaptations you need.

E-Learning LMS

Unique and Innovative
elearning solution

NeboLearning LMS is the foundation for your online learning strategy. Latest generation learning products designed for maximizing user experience and results.

E-Learning LMS

Facebook and Twitter friendly, NeboLearning is designed at its core for social and collaborative learning.
Public profiles, avatars and ratings
Discussion groups, public forums and Blogs
Live chat and private messaging

Mobile online learning

All features of NeboLearning are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
NeboPresentation alone gives teachers broadcast ability from their mobile devices.
Users have all the same features on their mobile devices as on the site.
NeboLearning automatic processing makes videos and documents HTML5 compatible.
Native Apps and web access.

Unique Live Lectures

Live classes with audio and video, including slideshow and whiteboard
DVR scrolling available during live classes
Private messaging and live chat between facilitators and learners
Question most voted for answered at end of lecture

Infinitely Customizable

At NeboLearning we know that one size definitely does not fit all clients. Every client has certain needs and preferences for their learning solution. By actively listening to clients we create their version of the NeboLearning, on time and on budget.

Create your learning solution!

You understand your current learning situation best and what features are needed to manage it. Together we will create a solution which works great immediately and is designed to continue working well into the future!

Monetized Solutions

E-Learning LMS

NeboLearning LMS can be monetized, fully or partially, becoming a turnkey profit center. The revenue logic is fully customizable so that clients can create customizable business models. Examples; create free and paid courses in same system, host independent teachers to increase revenues, generate automated payments to teachers for courses sold, establish minimum/maximum fees.

Intuitive Experience

E-Learning LMS

Extremely friendly interface for all users.
Separate management areas for system executives and administrators as well as for course instructors.
Notification system for all users with automatic updates.

E-Learning LMS
Cloud and SaaS

Cloud based "software on demand" for your NeboLearning solution.
SaaS - Software as a Service: no need to maintain servers and ISPs. We manage everything; you focus on your clients and business goals!