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System executives and Administrators know which learners are excelling and which ones need more assistance.

Instructors know that through their learning methods students are gaining knowledge and progressing.

Students know the status of their learning progress and areas where they need to improve their knowledge.

E-Learning Grades

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with NeboGrades, your elearning solution.

NeboGrades provides clients with the evaluation structure they need.


NeboGrades provides clients with the evaluation structure they need.

Tell us how you want your grading system work. Do you need to create custom tests and grading options? Will you create standardized of tests and grading options? Do you want automatic correction for grid tests?

NeboGrades will be designed so that you have the learning environment that works best for your organization.


NeboGrades enables you to be certain of the integrity of your testing efforts. Controls are designed into the process to be sure that no one can undermine this process. Tests can be generated with different questions for every user. Questions can be shuffled so different users have them in different order. Results will be secure and viewed only by authorized persons. Data is filed in a completely secure location where only authorized personnel can have access.

Compliance / Certification

E-Learning Grades

NeboGrades will document all of the necessary information required by any compliance or certification authority. NeboGrades can be designed to automatically gather required documentation by individuals or groups; whatever clients require!

E-Learning Grades
Better grades through collaboration.

Working together makes sense if you want to gain more knowledge. You can help others with material you understand very well. Others can help you in areas that you need to improve. Groups can divide tasks to move more quickly toward solving larger problems. Everyone learns more and improves their performance.


NeboGrades gives clients unlimited flexibility.
You can structure testing and grading for the entire organization or allow instructors to decide. Learners can be evaluated at the end of the course or at any moment during the course. Time limits can be established for each question or test. Learners can be given unlimited time. User answers can be changed later or they are fixed once entered. NeboGrades is flexible to provide whatever clients require!