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NeboLearning is the knowledge spreading division of Agilio Software. We are a software technology company which is interested in changing the world!

Our IT expertise encompasses the technology requirements of enterprise businesses: analysis and planning, consulting, software architecture, implementation, UI design, quality assurance, maintenance, security reviews, risk management and auditing; all based on the latest technologies and innovative methods.

Leading consultants agree

Bersin & Assoc., Oct. 2012 industry market brief: “…This is a global market with no clear leaders. New and emerging providers may have similar or greater capabilities than market leaders. Buyers no longer need to limit their options to the established major providers….”

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., Nov. 2012 comprehensive global report: “The eLearning market is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the global education industry… driven by its benefits in the form of reduction in operational costs, flexibility in learning activities, and simplified training programs... The need to address the training and learning requirements of globally dispersed workforce is also driving the demand for eLearning programs... Tech-savvy companies are fuelling the demand for technology-led learning initiatives. Young employees, in particular, are active adopters of eLearning and blended learning programs. The scenario is favored by the rise in demand for social learning and Web 2.0 technologies, coupled with the significant rise in social tools.”

The Market

Are you interested in the eLearning market? You are not alone.
This market is undergoing fundamental change due to external and internal factors; intense interest from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, continual entry of new competitors and products, implementation of new technologies and inclusion of new social media.
This eLearning market offers fantastic potential for companies with solutions to client needs at competitive prices and NeboLearning products offer unlimited customization possibilities to provide perfect client solutions.

The Product

The NeboLearning product suite is fully functional for Mobile, Social and Cloud. Each product interface provides an intuitive user experience for: system executives and administrators, corporate trainers and employees, teachers and students.
NeboLearning is an excellent learning management system and so much more! It is modular thus allowing freedom to sell an entire system or individual modules.
NeboLearning products are agile and can evolve into whatever a client needs, quickly. They are designed from the ground up utilizing only the latest generation technology and programming.
NeboLearning products are constantly evolving as we search for new uses for them beyond the eLearning marketplace.

The Opportunity

The eLearning market presents an excellent opportunity for NeboLearning due to three important market factors:


The corporate eLearning market alone is very large; it serves all industries and the need for learning solutions is inherent in companies of all sizes. The entire eLearning market is predicted to exceed $100 billion by 2015; extending beyond corporations to include nonprofit, government and military organizations, as well as all levels of education; universities, colleges, high schools and grade schools.

E-Learning Investors

The corporate eLearning market is far from mature. It is fragmented among hundreds of competitors. A large percentage of clients are dissatisfied with their current eLearning provider; 35% or more, by some estimates. New firms are changing the market with new products, services and pricing models. They are increasing the pressure on older legacy firms as they win clients away from them.

The educational technology market is a darling of both the investment and technology communities. This is fueling ongoing consolidation at the top end of the market. Several of the largest technology firms in the world have acquired and are continuing to acquire companies, technologies, services and market share. This will increase the number of disappointed clients as companies become too large to service them correctly or force them to change from old familiar products and previously established pricing models.


The eLearning market is currently undergoing a dramatic shift due to the convergence and mutual reinforcement of technological and social factors.

Within the past few years three technologies are changing the way organizations are working and learning. Mobile: due to ubiquity of devices and increases in bandwidth. Cloud: due to faster implementation times, lower costs and improved security levels. Information (Analytics): due to utilization of the tremendous leap in ability and speed for analyzing huge volumes of data.

Two social phenomena have pushed their way into the corporate world over the last several years; gaining reluctant acceptance because they have been proven to help employees accomplish their tasks more efficiently. Web 2.0: social media has changed how people learn, exchange information, communicate, interact, collect and organize data. Informal learning: companies have come to learn that a large percentage of what their employees need to learn for their jobs occurs outside of structured corporate learning initiatives.